I'm Roger Alix, a Los Angeles based graphic designer who specializing in branding and a production artists with a background in screen printing. A lot of my inspiration comes from a lifelong love of Rock n Roll, comic books, alternative lifestyles, mythology and lore. I love finding the balanced dichotomy between "Bright and Pretty" and "Dark and Gritty". My creative philosophy involves implementing unique design and/or production methods that emphasize the individuality of  brand's identity and ensuring that they stand out among competitors. 
I was born and raised in Rhode Island. In 2016 I graduated with honors from Bristol Community College in neighboring Massachusetts before transferring to Woodbury University In Burbank, CA where I earned my BFA degree in graphic design.
With over five years of experience designing with clients from across the county and an increasing knowledge of various printing methods, I'm dedicated to creating exceptional pieces that exceed expectations and hopefully blow some minds. 
I'm always looking to collaborating on exciting projects and explore innovative ideas. If you’re looking for a super talented, easy-going, thoughtful designer, who's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty, let's chat and make something rad together.